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Our caring staff of trained professionals will be there for you and your healthcare needs.

Affordable Healthcare

What We Pride Ourselves On

  • Affordable Healthcare with NO surprise billing
  • Appointments can generally be made within two weeks
  • Little office wait time before seeing clinical staff
  • Contraceptives provided at low cost in house
  • Compassionate, caring, professional staff
  • Services provided on a sliding fee scale

Why Choose Gillette Reproductive Health?

We provide affordable healthcare with no surprise billing.  Appointments are timely.  We can help you make healthy choices. Our staff can help answer your reproductive health questions and get you the care you need.  GRH has staff that speaks Spanish.

Our medical providers work closely with other community agencies and health care professionals to provide comprehensive medical care. No one is denied services because of income, age, sex, marital status or disability.

Professional & Confidential Medical Services

  • Adolescent Female Wellness Exams
  • Woman Wellness Exams
  • Breast & Testicular Exams
  • Sports Physicals
  • Weight Assessment
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Cancer Screening
  • PAP Smears (Cervical Cancer Screening)
  • STD Testing
  • STD Treatment
  • Rapid HIV Testing
  • Low Cost Birth Control
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Market Place Assistance 
  • Pregnancy Counseling 
  • Parent-Teen Communications
  • Reproductive Life Plan

NEW! Rapid Strep Treatment

Bring in slip from Public Health with the results and we can help you get affordable care.

If your strep test is positive our providers can get you treated and on your way in no time at all.

Professional & Confidential Medical Services

Adolescent Female Wellness Exams

It is very important to have a wellness exam every year, even if you are not sexually active.  Most women don’t need a Pap test or speculum exam until age 21.  Your wellness exam is a great time to talk with your provider about your health goals and your plans for the future.

Well Woman’s Exams

It is very important to have a wellness exam every year.  Guidelines have changed as to when and how often women need a Pap test – but we all need a wellness exam every year.

Breast & Testicular Exams

A clinical exam for breast or testicular cancer is recommended annually and can be part of a routine wellness exam. Schedule your appointment at GRH today.

Sports Physicals

Schedule an appointment for a sports physical any time during the year. Our providers offer great one on one physicals in a private exam room for any athlete of any age.

Weight Assessment

Accurate weight assessment and healthy weight management and nutritional counseling available.

Blood Pressure Screening

Our clinic staff can check and manage your blood pressure as needed.

Pregnancy Testing

Urine pregnancy testing is available to confirm pregnancy and establish an estimated due date.

Cancer Screening

Clinical Breast Exam | Clinical Testicular exam | PAP smear | Colposcopy | Get checked for skin cancer

Low Cost Birth Control

Concerned about the cost of birth control?  We have funding to help keep costs down.  Not sure which type of birth control is best for you?  Our providers can answer all your questions and find your perfect match.

Interested in a Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive(LARC)?  We do IUD’s and implants.

PAP Smears

Cervical cancer screening should start at age 21

Women age 21-29 need a Pap test every 3 years

Women 30-65 need a Pap test and an HPV test every 5 years (preferred) or just a Pap test every 3 years

Women can stop having cervical cancer screening after age 65 if their provider says it is ok.

Regardless of when your last Pap test was done – every woman needs a yearly wellness exam

Rapid HIV Testing

We perform rapid HIV screening through a finger stick. This test looks for the antibodies your body produces in response to HIV, not the actual virus. It takes the average person about 2 months to produce enough antibodies for a positive result. If you are outside this 2 month window period you can expect accurate results within 20 minutes. A voucher for testing is available at knowyo.org. Clinic fees may apply.

STD Treatment

Chlamydia: Fortunately, chlamydia is treatable with antibiotics once it is detected. However, it is possible to become infected again if re-exposed to the bacteria, so safe sexual health practices should be followed even after the initial infection has cleared up. It is recommended that your sexual partners also been screened and treated for chlamydia. Exam fees may apply if you have symptoms.

Gonorrhea: A number of commonly used antibiotics are effective in the treatment of gonorrhea. It is recommended that individuals abstain from sex during the treatment period. The body does not build immunity to gonorrhea, so it’s possible to contract a new infection. It is recommended that your sexual partners also been screened and treated for gonorrhea. Exam fees may apply if you have symptoms.

STD Testing

Chlamydia/Gonorrhea: These tests are usually performed together, though chlamydia is much more common. You should have this test annually if you are sexually active with new partners, especially if you are age 25 and under. We offer this testing through urine sample for males and females. We can also test for oral and rectal Chlamydia/gonorrhea using a cotton swab. A test voucher is available at knowyo.org. Exam fees may apply.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus): This is a tough one. Many people want to know if they carry HPV because they know it is so common and there are often no symptoms. However, there is not an easy and inexpensive screening tool for this infection. Women aged 21 and older should be screened for HPV with a pap smear.

Herpes: There is blood testing available for HSV 1 and 2, however, it is expensive and not routinely recommended for sexually active people who do not have symptoms. An exam is recommended if symptoms are present.

Hepatitis: Testing for Hepatitis is not generally called for unless you meet some high-risk criteria. If you do, it is done through a blood test. Lab fees may apply.

Syphilis: There is blood testing available for syphilis, but it’s not generally recommended unless you meet some of those high-risk criteria. If you do, it is also done through a blood test. Not offered at GRH.

Emergency Contraception

Plan B One-Step® emergency contraception is a backup plan that helps prevent pregnancy when taken within 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex or birth control failure. The sooner it’s taken, the better it works. Plan B is a progestin-only emergency contraceptive that helps prevent pregnancy before it begins and will not affect an existing pregnancy. One-Step works by delaying ovulation, or the release of an egg from the ovary.

It will not be effective if a woman is already pregnant. It should not be used as regular birth control, because it’s not as effective. It can usually be found in the feminine care aisle at many retail stores when you need it—without a prescription or ID, and with no age restriction. If a woman can’t find Plan B One Step in the aisle, she can also ask an on-site pharmacist if they have any additional boxes. This still does not require a prescription or ID.

Concerned about cost? Call GRH to see if we can help you get emergency contraception if you are in need.

Additional Services

Health Insurance Market Place

Our Certified Application Counselor can answer your questions and may be able to assist you with the application to the Healthcare Market Place insurance program.

Counseling for Sexual Health Planning

Do you want to be pregnant? If so…there are things our providers can recommend.  If not… our providers can answer your questions and recommend a birth control method that is best for you. These are important things to consider when it comes to your health and your future.

Parent-Teen Communications

We have resources to help parents talk to their teens about sexual health and prevention.  Call or stop in to visit with us.  Teens need their parents too.

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